Thursday, March 6, 2008

Zardoz has spoken!

I have written a little before about how Republicans are, well, bed-wetting terrified pansies. It's obvious to anyone who's been paying attention that the Republican tactic is to terrify everyone with the idea that terrorists are lurking just around the corner to kill them, and the only way to be saved is to let them do exactly what they want, without any constraints or oversight.

I'm not sure that anything epitomizes the right-wing's obsession with living in a constant state of paranoia and fear more than this post mocked relentlessly over at Sadly, No!
Every once in a while I go down to my basement library and re-read a book by gun expert Jeff Cooper (now deceased) just to keep myself in a self-defense mindset.

To wit: whenever she feels that she is not scared enough, she retreats to an isolated place where she can reconstruct her state of fear and remind herself that other people, especially if they're a different color or social caste, are dangerous, sub-human animals out to kill her and only her precious guns will protect her.

Speaking of which, does anyone else think that the opening scene of Zardoz is an almost perfect description of right-wingers nowadays?

Zardoz speaks to you, his chosen ones.

You have been raised up from brutality, to kill the brutals who multiply, and are legion. To this end, Zardoz your god gave you the gift of the gun.

The gun is good. The penis is evil. The penis shoots seeds, and makes new life to poison the earth with a plague of men, as once it was. But the gun shoots death, and purifies the earth of the filth of brutals. Go forth, and kill!

Zardoz has spoken.

If you change the penis demonization to penis worship and/or vagina demonization it would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

I think you are mistaking what goes on in your head with what goes on in the real world.

Also, you don't understand Zardoz at all.

Skemono said...

Oooh, grade-school level taunts; how terrifying. Why didn't you just go with the tried-and-true "I know you are but what am I?"