Thursday, March 6, 2008

Looks like we have to get out of Texas again

No! Come on, Texas, we were so proud of you! Why do you have to throw that all away?
Last week, state Attorney General Greg Abbott petitioned the appellate court to reconsider the matter en banc (see exerpts below and on the following three pages). Abbott wrote that, if permitted to stand, the court's decision may "invite … challenges to previously-uncontroversial criminal prohibitions" on sexual practices such as "consensual adult incest or bigamy" (Page 4).

They have scans of four pages of the the petition. The petition claims that "The Supreme Court has specifically confirmed that protecting morals is a legitimate government interest", and back this up by citing a decision from 1957. It then whines that the court didn't do this because it relied on the much more recent Lawrence v. Texas. Then they go on to confuse legislators' ability to regulate whatever "they deem harmful to the public" with the right to "protect morals". Here's a hint, Attorney General of Texas: getting a dildo isn't gonna hurt anyone.

Unless it's real big, maybe.

Via LG&M.

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