Saturday, April 14, 2007

And Carthage must be destroyed!

Via onegoodmove, I stumbled across a blog entry that has some videos available of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee hearing regarding the Marriage Equality Bill (and links to other sites with more items).

And watching some of this could go a long way to explaining why the committee voted as it did. The testimony against the bill is ludicrous. You have people ranting--well, actually, I'm not sure "ranting" is the right word. They're not good enough public speakers to "rant"; instead they're kinda droning on. But they're complaining about: contraception; immorality; how the word "gay" no longer means the same thing it used to; people marrying animals; polygamy; the fact that there are no "heterosexual-only" drinking fountains or bus seats; the bizarre claim that there's no federal legislation discriminating against gays (a legislator brought up Don't Ask, Don't Tell); Canada; and how people feel discriminated against because they're Christian and they're not allowed to tell other people what to do. None of it made the least bit compelling arguments, and it just made them all look like idiots.

Yeah, these are only partial clips taken out of context specifically to make these testimonials look ridiculous. But geez, the people who did it had their work cut out for them.

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