Tuesday, March 7, 2006

In Boise, Idaho, a group of gay activists slapped 150 stickers on bus benches, public drinking fountains downtown and at the Statehouse.

They read 'heterosexuals only'.

Unfortunately, some idiots just don't get it:

At the Statehouse, some legislative leaders disapproved not only of the way the group chose to express its message, but they also said the message itself is wrong.

"Because I think everybody has the same rights here in Idaho and we're not taking any body's rights away," said Sen. Bob Geddes, (R) Soda Spring, president pro tem of the Idaho Senate.

I can understand how people rationalize a lot of things. But how the fuck does he think that homosexuals have "the same rights" as heterosexuals or that taking away their right to marry is not, in fact, taking away their right to marry?

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