Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why do we let these people vote?

While Iowa is letting a gay rights bill rot, Oregon today passed two gay rights bills: one which bans discrimination based on sexual orientation, and another which "creates same-sex domestic partnerships"--just in time for the Day of Silence, too.

Not everyone was happy with it:
Some lawmakers against the bills said they struggled with how to explain their vote. Many cited their Christian faith as part of their opposition to the measures. Representative Greg Smith is a Republican from eastern Oregon.

Greg Smith: "If I get emotional, it's because I truly am about to speak based upon the faith that I hold close to me. And if that offends, I apologize."

Some lawmakers weren't so delicate. This is Republican Fred Girod of Stayton.

Fred Girod: "I'll be voting no and I'm proud of it."

Oh, that Jesus. All about discriminating against people he doesn't like.

But that's typical. Some other reasons for being against the law are some of the most breathtakingly inane things I've ever read:
Alan Beals: "It creates a new class of people based on behavior, versus being based on the other protections of the United States citizen -- you know, race, gender, those kinds of things."

And then there's the comments on another article, which make me weep for the future.

ourworldissad I always find it interesting that people get so upset with us christians for wanting to abide by the truth of Gods word. I am not a hateful person at all, but I do believe in God and by believing in God you must believe what He says. He says not to murder so there are laws against it. He says not to steal, so there are laws against it. He says not to commit adultery, so there are laws against it. He says that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination, so there needs to be laws against it to protect us and our children from not only witnessing it but also from the effects that it will have on our society. It is revolting to see gays pretending to be families and pretending to have "Their own" children. I don't know if you can understand this or not but gays cannot have their own children. There is a reason for that. They are not meant to partner. So they try to play God by having babies by other means and then try to construct a family from it. I know, I know...we should leave them alone and let them do what they want. We should also leave alone the pedophiles "cuz they were born that way and cannot help it". We should leave alone the murderer, the adulterer, the thief, etc. After all, none of these people can help the way they are. They were born that way.

So much stupidity in there: "our laws are based on God"; "murderers and thieves are 'born that way'"; "gays are only 'pretending' to have families." It's sickening.
MattB I want to know, what rights gay couples don't have, that everyone else in the united states has?

Nnnggh! So fucking idiotic!
MattB I don't give a damn who you want to fornicate with; what ever their Gender, race, wether or not they are walking upright or on all fours. But, just because you may have a...biological stray away from what is "normal", doesn't mean you should have special rights beyond what everyone else gets. Hell, that even goes for your race, nationality, color....whatever the "P.C." term is for it, also.

Oh, joy. Not only does he whine about "special" rights for gays, but for other minorities. What the fuck?
grayfox1930 Gay and rights should not be allowed in the same sentence. If we didn't have this crud pushed in our faces all the time, if those people's sex life was kept private from society and they stayed in the closet, we would never have to hear about special rights for them. They have the same rights as the rest of society but, no, that's not enough for them. Maybe they have it right, however, I did see this cute female billie goat that I just might try to marry. That seems no more foolish to me than marrying a man.

Comparisons to bestiality, more fucking idiocy about gays having all the rights straights do....
Smama Someone mentioned common sense. Can you please tell me how much common sense you need to realize that two men or two women cannot procreate? It is so unnatural. So subnormal. Why should these people who choose to live such a deviant lifestyle get SPECIALrights? And what of the gender identity issue? Do we really want persons who are transvestites, crossdressers, transsexuals who enter a public restroom of their choice to be protected under SB2 to the point that you as a business owner could be sued, if you asked a man dressed as a woman not to enter the women's restroom? What are we exposing our children to? And what next? Special rights for people who choose to have a 'domestic partner' that is an animal? God help us. May God have mercy on our state.

More special rights and bestiality crap.
mahzeltoffee If 2 homos want to live together they have the freedom to do so in America. They can achieve any rights heteros have with wills, a POA and other documents. And what 2 people do in the privacy of their bedroom is their business.

But they should not expect the rest of us to endorse their way of life. they should quit name calling. Homophobe? fear of homosexuallity. HAH! It's not fear. It's disgust. Sure Christians and Jews and Muslims are against it. But homos have the same rights as heteros.

They say Christians should leave them alone; yet the homos have the parades to seek publicity.They are given the freedom to live as they wish yet seek a positive endorsement from the state. They say any committed relationship is good as a way of rationalizing. They convince themselves with "rational lies."

The homos know what they do is not normal. They figure if others, like the legislators, endorse it then they can claim it's ok. I have a gay cousin. He told me the reason gays drink and party so much is to try and forget just how miserable they are. I feel sorry for them.

Again, gays supposedly have the same rights as straights. Oh, and they "know" they're "not normal", and are secretly all miserable drunkards. What a god-damned fucking imbecile.

All that was just on the first page of comments. Geez, how the hell do you communicate with idiots like that? Not a single coherent argument. They don't have a fucking clue what a gay person even is, and yet feel they can declare them equivalent to pedophiles and zoophiles, say they're aberrations, abnormal, perverts, they're all miserable, &c. ad infinitum.


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