Friday, April 20, 2007

And the beat goes on....

So, Wednesday was the national Day of Silence, dedicated to stopping harassment and violence against gays. Naturally, Christians are appalled that people would want gays to be safe from violence in schools.
Tensions over a Day of Silence in support of gay rights led to a lockdown at New Castle Chrysler High School.

Superintendent John Newby would not confirm students' claims that a student had threatened to take a gun to school Wednesday.

"We didn't have a specific threat," Newby said. He did say that a student was disciplined Tuesday for remarks made during a classroom discussion.

Students were taken to the New Castle Fieldhouse while police searched lockers Wednesday morning. No weapons were found. Police used metal detecting wands on students as they returned to class. Extra police officers remained at school throughout the day and access to the building was limited to three entrances.

About 150 of the 1,000 students at school left early, according to figures reported by the principal's office. About 80 students did not show up for school. School officials said students would not be penalized for the unexcused absences.

Crap like this just goes to show how badly events like Day of Silence are needed. I imagine some of the people would be in favor of it if they actually bothered to know what it was about, but once they hear that it's supportive of gays their brains shut down.

That article currently has over 400 comments on it... and some of them are, to say the least, discouraging.

Indy7 What a shame! These people (homosexuals) are never happy and always seem to be causing a problem! If I were a parent of a normal student at this school, I would have them transferred to another school. The homosexuals causing this problem should be immediately expelled, period, end of discussion!

Yes, a pox on those uppity Negroes homosexuals!
Deciding One Society is heading downhill fast. Now they demand to be able to spread homosexual propaganda in public schools. Is there no limit to this insanity?

I'm betting this guy is one of those fellows who doesn't have a clue what Day of Silence actually is about.
Mike Stop and visualize what these "rights" your supporting really mean. Are you familiar with the sexual acts themselves? Can you visualize two men “coupling” and you say this is a "right" and it is not an "abomination.” Do you really believe that God or whoever or whatever you believe that is responsible for the evolution of mankind intended for humans to perform sexually in this manner? Think about and visualize what physically transpires and not just respond from some theory-based rhetoric.

Ah, yes. The crux of the matter: gay sex is "icky". And gay rights really means anal sex, which is perverted and unnatural--when gay people do it.
melissa You're kidding right? High school students are being allowed to have a day in support of Gay rights? What is wrong with this picture? Seriously.

As one commenter put it, "How terrible. American citizens exercising their rights as American citizens in a public space owned by American citizens."
glowing-horizon This stinks. If a group can use our schools to indoctrinate our children without us having any say in it, I feel MY RIGHTS have been violated too.

And,yes, it makes our children extremely angry to have such complete trash pushed at a school where they are legally compelled to attend.

Why shouldn't the violated majority be angry? If not angered by this, then what would a Christian person be angered at?

Gasp! People are saying things that I disagree with--my rights are being violated when I'm forced to notice viewpoints from outside the little bubble I live in!
Deciding One They can't have kids, and they know that the only chance their "lifestyle" has to survive is to recruit kids. They have to convince innocent children that their "lifestyle" is ok while they're young, because a child that develops normally will see it for the disgusting deviance that it is.

Ah yes, once again Defending One shows off his ignorance about this event. Day of Silence is organized by the students, not some outside group "recruiting" kids.
jmar If a gay person wopuldn't be "in your face" with all of this there would not be this big of an issue. I know I am really tired of groups of people blacks, gays, musluims, etc. telling me I have to accept or tolerate their beleifs and life style's.

One of the things we should have learned on the 70's is Tolerence leads to acceptence. There are things that I do not want to either tolerate nor accept. So you live your life but get out of my face and do not expect me to accept how you live.

It's amazing how many homophobes are also racists, innit? You'd think the two mindsets and arguments used would have something in common.
Gary Whether you are white or black isn't a choice. Whether you are male or female (as you are born) isn't a choice. Sexual Orientation (gay, lesbian, or transgender) is a choice.
Why does there need to be "rights" over our choices. This doesn't make sense to me.

Good point! Let's get rid of those stupid rights to religious freedom, while we're at it.
Jim Well said "Deciding One", this is a mental sickness that is attacking our youth and must be stopped.

No it is not okay to be a homosexual, it is wrong behavior.

I am glad that the silent majority is finally starting to speak up.

...I can't even make fun of this one, it's so flamingly bigoted.
FedUp Just another of the many reasons to home-school my daughter....because it's better than having this "multi-culti / tolerance for everyone but straight white people" crap shoved down her throat, let alone forcing her to try and get an education in IPS while she's surrounded by thugs and criminals.

Yet another person who couples their hatred of uppity gays with their hatred of uppity Negroes, all of whom are thugs and criminals.
Readytopuke The activities of the homosexuals spread disease. Just thinking about what the male species like doing is very repulsive.

I'd comment about the idiocy of condemning homosexuality for "spread[ing] disease", given that world-wide the vast majority of AIDS is spread heterosexually, but I'm still hung up on his referring to males as a "species."

And that's only in two out of twenty-one pages of comments. I fear to tread much further.

There are, of course, a lot of supportive comments, too, and many mock and point out the stupidity of these commenters.

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