Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday Dead Racist Blogging: Anti-Semitism Edition

Have you ever wondered who's responsible for miscegenation? The answer should be clear: the gays Illuminati Masons Jews. At least according to Edward Fields, who unfortunately is very much a live racist. He published a pamphlet in the late '60s or so entitled Jews Behind Race-Mixing in America, combining the two great flavors of racism and anti-semitism. This is something of a theme with Christian Identity--hatred of blacks, Jews, and Catholics. I'm really not sure why that is; it could be because the two religious groups, themselves minorities in this country, often were supporters of civil rights for blacks, and fought against anti-miscegenation laws even when the NAACP wouldn't. Of course, I could just be ascribing more significance to their racism than it warrants. They may have completely separate reasons for prejudice against the other two groups.

Anyways. Your racist ramblings of the week, with a dash of conspiracy theory thrown in:
All the small Jewish clubs and social groups are united under the American Jewish Committee. All Jew businessmen belong to a secret society called "B'nai Brith" and they have their own secret spy agency called the "Anti-Defamation League." These are the groups that harass Right-Wing Patriots and seek to control elected politicians and the daily press. But, their most important mission of all, is to integrate the White Christian people to produce an indolent, Mulatto race for the future.

He includes a selection of quotes from Jewish leaders that... well, I guess they're supposed to make people fear their nefarious, underhanded schemes. But any rational person would simply nod in agreement. Here's an example of one of the quotes he cites:
Theodore Bikel, Jewish folk singer and star in the play, "Fiddler on the Roof" in a speech of July, 1969, in a Jewish temple in Honolulu said:
"A strong commitment to civil rights is implicit in Judaism. We must speak out against discrimination."

Yeah, that Theo. He's all for forced marriages and creating a "mongrel race".

He also rants about Jews supporting "militant negro causes" like Dr. King's "now infamous Selma, Alabama march." He spends most of that section outraged that people would raise money to defend 21 alleged Black Panthers who were accused of plotting bombings in New York City (by the way, they were all acquitted), and horrified that Jewish lawyers would defend--*gasp*--black clients. Surely there's a conspiracy there! Alas, the New York Times just couldn't keep quiet about it:
"The New York Times" of Sept. 19, 1966, really let the cat out of the bag when it admitted: "The Jewish community has long been the financial backbone of the civil rights movement . . . No special commission on race is needed to arouse Jewish support for civil rights activity in the South . . . Jewish support for civil rights is still high.

The fiends!
I also love how the New York Times has to be put in scare-quotes.

But, surprise of all surprises, he can actually scrounge up a quote of a rabbi advocating interracial marriage to support his case. Just one, mind you, and he pointedly notes that this man "has won the nickname, 'The Red Rabbi' for his visits to North Vietnam and efforts on behalf of communist causes." I suppose so he can throw Communists into the mix later, in the section "COMMUNIST PARTY FOUGHT FOR RACE MIXING". And then he quotes several rabbis warning against Jews marrying gentiles, with a triumphant "Ah-ha! Hypocrites!"

But why go to all this trouble, you may ask?
The most cleverly contrived scheme in the history of race relations is now being employed by the Jews to break down the resistance of the White race. It is an elaborate plan to make White people ashamed of the color of our skin. It is deliberately designed to give us an inferiority complex whereby we will feel compelled to bring about our own racial destruction to rectify the superior position we naturally hold over the Black race.


This is the most diabolical plan ever conceived, to instill "self-hate" within White people so that we will embrace the Black race in order to "up-lift" them to our level (an impossibility).

Uh... okay. You still haven't answered the "why" yet.

He also is outraged--outraged!--that anyone would declare that white oppression of blacks drive them to riot. Why, they never had it so good!
Of course the truth of the story is that the American negro has a far higher standard of living than negroes have in ANY of their own countries in Africa. We do not owe the Blackman anything. In fact the negro has shown us the height of ingratitude to the fact that we lifted them out of jungle savagery, gave them sanitary homes for the first time, jobs, welfare, free medical care, poverty aid and free food.

Well, those of them that survived, of course.

And in the last page, he finally gives a reason why Jews go to all this trouble!
The Jews visualize themselves in a never ending cold war with the White Christian people. They know that we are an independent and freedom loving people. The Jew knows that our individualism springs from the restless creative spirit of our race. They know that eventually our White race will revolt against Jewish economic, cultural and racial domination of our people. [Just not today, apparently. -Skemono]

They have but one hope, to put the White race to sleep through assimilation with the lazy, mindless, leaderless, shiftless and slave-like Negro race. As Mulattoes our future descendants would make obedient workers under Jewish masters. The Jews are organized to prevent assimilation of their racial blood with either us White Christians or the Blacks. They stand to be the only race in the future which will be mentally alert if mongrelization conquers our unborn descendants to come.

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