Saturday, October 21, 2006

At least he's not burning them.

A candidate for Oklahoma State Superintendent of Education, Bill Crozier, is concerned about school shootings--and who wouldn't be?

But you won't believe his proposed solution.

Bill Crozier, a Union City Republican going against incumbent Democrat Sandy Garrett, said he believes old textbooks could be used to stop bullets shot from weapons wielded by school intruders.

If elected, he said he would put thick used textbooks under every desk for students to use in self-defense.

He says he got the idea when, in one school shooting, a student was unharmed because the bullet didn't make it through the books in their backpack. And before you think that he isn't serious about this, he made a 9 1/2 minute video of him and a bunch of friends shooting various stacks of textbooks.

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