Thursday, May 8, 2008

Go me!

I'm a member of the Culture of Death! Woot!

After deciding to create a campaign to tell people that birth control pills kill babies, the people who came up with this lunacy were shocked that people were getting angry at them and mocking their totally insane ideas! I mean, all they want to do is rob people of their civil liberties and maintain tight control of the sexuality and sexual actions of one-half of the population, and all they're doing to accomplish it is spreading lies and slandering their would-be victims as murderers. What on earth is everyone getting so upset about?
Just to give you a sampling of who is saying what, I am sending you a "short" list of Culture of Death bloggers talking about The Pill Kills website. I don't recommend wasting too much time reading their nonsense, but it is worth noting their overt hostility to anything that "just might" change their worldview of "promiscuity-made-safe."

And little old me made their list!

And it's rather telling that they object to "promiscuity-made-safe." See? They don't give a damn about safety--especially not for women who have sex. How much clearer could it be that they want nothing more than to punish people who dare to yield to natural impulses?

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