Monday, March 10, 2008

Conservatives hate the institution of marriage!

California debates letting straight people enter into domestic partnerships:
State lawmakers will debate a different twist on the issue of domestic partnerships this week, specifically whether heterosexual couples should enjoy the same rights already granted to gay couples.

"There seems to be a different social trend," State Senator Carole Migden told KRON 4's Jeremy Lee. "So what we are saying is that all committed partners, not just gay couples should be able to enter into domestic partner contracts."

I've mentioned once before that it can, and has been, said that conservatives--in their efforts to ban gay marriage--have done more to destroy marriage and the family than gay marriage ever could. By opening the possibility of domestic partnerships and civil unions to straight couples, you're almost certain to get fewer marriages. If they want people to marry, they shouldn't have created all these marriage-lite alternatives; just let gay people get married.

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