Monday, March 10, 2008

Bush lied, you decide

Wait, I'm mixing up right-wing and left-wing slogans there, aren't I? Oh well.

Anyways, digby points out yet another case of someone admitting that Bush was already adamantly determined to invade Iraq, and that all the build-up, negotiation, and supposed hesitancy beforehand were empty rhetoric.
Among the disclosures made by Feith in "War and Decision," scheduled for release next month by HarperCollins, is Bush's declaration, at a Dec. 18, 2002, National Security Council meeting, that "war is inevitable." The statement came weeks before U.N. weapons inspectors reported their initial findings on Iraq and months before Bush delivered an ultimatum to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Feith, who says he took notes at the meeting, registered it as a "momentous comment."

That it was.

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