Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Someone owes science an apology."

Nature has a brief compilation of the various candidates' stances on science issues. Well, actually, it's just three categories: Climate/Energy, Biomedical/Stem cells, and Space.

The Democrats all appear to have similar positions. All of them want to reduce carbon emissions drastically, and all of them support federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. There are differences in the details of their plans, of course, especially with their plans for renewable energy. And they have some differences on space exploration--Obama wants to take $18 billion from NASA to fund education, and Kucinich wants NASA to spend time working on technological innovations for life on earth instead of exploring space. That's an admirable goal, but... come on, it's the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. That's not its job.

As for the Republicans, it's a lot more varied, so just go read it. I'll just say that it's not surprising that Ron Paul says there are "reputable scientists on both sides of that argument" over global warming.

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