Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nice to know we're appreciated

Pft, gay marriage. Next you know they'll wanna vote!

--Carter Pewterschmidt, You May Now Kiss the...uh...Guy Who Receives

Jim Talent, current adviser to Mitt Romney, on his man's attitude towards gays:
He's always had the same position as to regards to the gay agenda. Look, he wants to know, people to know he values gay people as people, okay? But he doesn't want the militant gays to be able to change the cultural institutions of the country.

Sure, he values them as people--just, you know, lesser people than straights. But still people! A step above atheists!

Yes, Mitt Romney values them so much that he'll protect them from the horrible stress of a committed relationship, and the pain of divorce. He values them so much that he won't let them serve in the military. Anything for our precious, precious gays.

And on a side-note, who are these "militant" gays? Are they the lesbian biker gangs Bill O'Reilly warned us about? Or, like the "militant" atheists, are they people who dare to admit that they exist and who have the audacity to speak up? Honestly, it's like they think they have rights like free speech or something.

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