Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I though Huckabee was a Baptist minister, not a priest of Janus

Not that you'd know it from his criticisms of his rival Romney. Huckabee attacks Romney for being too hard on criminals, but also attacks him for not killing any of them. I suppose this makes sense coming from a man who prides himself on being nice enough to release convicted murderers but thinks that torturing the people in Guantanamo who haven't been found guilty of anything at all is being too nice. If you switched the positions--you know, releasing people who deserved it and cracking down on people who deserve that, instead of the other way around--then Huckabee might be a semi-reasonable candidate.

Instead, though, it just sounds like Huckabee is trying the old "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" strategy: Romney is too soft on crime! No, he's too harsh on crime! Romney is too liberal! No, he's too conservative! No, wait, Romney lacks the exact quality you find desirable in me, Mike Huckabee! Or he has too much of it--whichever will get you to vote for me.

Though given Romney's astonishing history of completely changing his position on everything when it becomes politically convenient to do so, probably all of those criticisms are valid.

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