Friday, December 21, 2007

Still better than Mitt "I want to double Gitmo" Romney, I think

Huckabee's saga of denying reality in favor of convenient and comforting fairy tales continues:
"The inmates there [in Guantanamo Bay] were getting a whole lot better treatment than my prisoners in Arkansas. In fact, we left saying, 'I hope our guys don't see this. They'll all want to be transferred to Guanatanmo.' If anything, it's too nice."

Huckabee has said Guantanamo is more a "symbolic issue" than anything else since the detainees are treated better than prisoners in the US.

If we treat the people in Guantanamo better than the rest of the prison population, then we've got a hell of a lot bigger problems than I thought.

Although I like that Huckabee, who bases his campaign on his being Christian, is insisting that we ought to be meaner to people. I seem to recall something about loving your enemy, although I'm sure any Christian worth his salt can go through a tortuous exegesis to conclude that "love" in that passage really means "waterboard."

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