Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who's more progressive than the U.S. this week?

Uruguay on Thursday became the first Latin American country to recognize gay civil unions, after President Tabare Vazquez signed a law granting certain legal rights to cohabiting couples of any gender.

The new law guarantees heterosexual or homosexual couples who have lived together continuously for more than five years social benefits enjoyed by married couples such as joint property ownership and hereditary rights.

The text recognizes "two people -- of any sex, identity, orientation or sexual option -- who maintain an emotional relationship sexual in nature, that is exclusive, stable and permanent, without being united in matrimony."

It's not perfect, but it's a start, and still a damn sight better than what we've got here.


Dark Daughta said...

It's quite hilarious that the UD claims to be the most open, democratic and evolved nation on the planet while it's administration actually manifests as one of the most backward, authoritarian and generally ignorant on the planet.

The big gay and lesbian debate? Don't ask, don't tell. If gays and lesbians (not queers or transpeople...just gays and lesbians cuz the powers that be don't wanna take the "fun" too far...) ...if *those* people want to die on behalf of the imperialist colonizing capitalist state, all they have to do is just shut up about who they are, put on the camo and die, die, die!

Sad. Very sad.

Skemono said...

Well, remember, gays are too valuable to risk in combat.

Dark Daughta said...

Hee, hee, hee! Amerikkka and her gays. I've got to get out more in the blogosphere. I missed that one when it came out. Thanks.