Friday, November 16, 2007

Guess who doesn't know shit about the religion he's trying to force on everyone else?

Bill O'Reilly, that's who!
O'REILLY: Well, you know, it's true, and it's -- anybody who wants an interesting read -- and send Jim a copy of Culture Warrior -- go to Revelations in the Bible and look at the prediction for the end of the world. It's fascinating, because it does involve the Middle East, and it does involve the clash of cultures, as Jim pointed out.

To paraphrase Ratbert: "A prediction about turmoil in the Middle East? Wow! You're really going out on a limb!"
Now, a lot of people think that's superstition, nonsense, all of that. The secularists reject it out of hand.

Gosh, how terrible of us. Who could possibly dismiss as superstitious nonsense the idea that Jesus has white hair and flaming eyes, glows, and has a sword poking out of his mouth? Or that the sun will turn black, the moon blood-red, and that stars will fall to earth (and yet somehow not destroy the planet)? Come on, Bill--Revelations is an opium dream on crack, not divine prophecy.
And I'm not trying to convert you to be a Bible-thumper.

I'm just saying that if you reject it out of hand, you're an evil godless "secularist" and you ought to get the hell out of this country, 'cause it was founded on Christian principles.
I'm just saying it's an interesting read.

Oh, it is that, Bill.
This was written -- what? Five thousand years ago? I mean, this is really interesting.

...five thousand years ago?

Really? Are you seriously that dumb?

No need to answer that.
So, I don't know.

Truest words you've ever spoken.

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Benji said...

To be fair, not that he would be, I hope that 5,000 years ago was a slip of the tongue. But regardless, gods that man is stupid.