Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Dead Racist Blogging: Making Baby Jesus Cry Edition

Up until now, I've tried to keep notions of anti-Semitism separate from my dead racist blogging. This is mostly because I grew up considering Judaism as just another religion, not an ethnicity--knowing multiple people who had converted to Judaism probably helped that, since you can't really convert to a different race. I still have trouble really grokking the idea of Judaism as a race.

Nevertheless, historically Jews were considered a separate race of men. And so I feel it okay to share this quote with you:
[H]ere a fact occurs to me which I have received from various sources, viz., that very small children, especially girls, frequently have quite a marked instinct for race. It frequently happens that children who have no conception of what "Jew" means, or that there is any such thing in the world, begin to cry as soon as a genuine Jew or Jewess comes near them! The learned can frequently not tell a Jew from a non-Jew; the child that scarcely knows how to speak notices the difference. Is not that something?

--Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, 2nd. edition, volume 1, p. 537.

To make matters more interesting, Chamberlain earlier opined (pp. 211-12):
Whoever makes the assertion that Christ was a Jew is either ignorant or insincere: ignorant when he confuses religion and race, insincere when he knows the history of Galilee and partly conceals, partly distorts the very entangled facts in favour of his religious prejudices or, it may be, to curry favour with the Jews. The probability that Christ was no Jew, that He had not a drop of genuinely Jewish blood in his veins, is so great that it is almost equivalent to a certainty.

Yeah. Jesus? Not a Jew. And since children burst into tears when Jews approach them, it's clear: being Jewish makes baby Jesus cry.

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