Saturday, October 20, 2007

C.H. Dalton knows the score

Amen, Professor Dalton:
This week, I'd like to address what I see as a disturbing trend: same-sex miscegenation. Miscegenation has been a legally recognized fact of life in this country for tens of years (and God bless Alabama for holding out as long as it did), but it's come to my attention that more and more young men and women are coupling with other members of the same sex who are members of different races.


They may call it "love," but nothing is more abominable in the eyes of God than when a dreadlocked white lesbian scissors with her dreadlocked black lesbian life-partner on their coarse, hemp blankets. These sick, unnatural couples must be stopped before they pollute our children and our gene pool with their unholy union. Don't ask how--they'll find a way.


Jonathan said...

He's spent an awful lot of time thinking about specific instances of interracial lesbian sex. I'm just sayin'.

Skemono said...

It's alright to think about interracial lesbian sex--and hey, what American male hasn't?