Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's like he thinks that gay people have families or something

Ed Brayton reports that Oklahoma law preventing recognition of out-of-state adoptions by gay couples has been struck down:
A three judge panel for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned an Oklahoma law that denied recognition to adoptions by gays performed outside the state of Oklahoma and they did so on the basis of the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the constitution.

Unfortunately, by the end of the post he goes off the deep end:
Anyone who would argue for such a law has given up all right to claim to be for "family values." This law would, for legal purposes, destroy families. Don't tell me you value families when you push a law that denies adopted children the only parents they've ever known and all the protections that come with that parental relationship. If that is your position, you don't give a damn about children; the only thing you care about is your twisted, bronze age moral code and your ability to inflict it on others.

That poor, deluded honky. Everyone knows that "family" is defined as "one man and one woman, joined in wedlock, raising their own biological offspring."

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