Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"...their rich, tasty courage."

Have you ever wanted to see a bear kill a moose and eat its heart? Well, apparently now you can!
Gary got up, expecting to see a bear in the trash or a similar scene. He saw the bear all right, but the rest of the scene was beyond imagination.

Gary and Terri wound up with front-row seats as brown bear killed a full-grown moose less than 20 feet away from their home.

"I saw this wildlife spectacle of a full-grown brown bear on a moose and the moose fighting for its life," Gary recalled Monday, admitting he was still rattled by the incident.

The couple ran downstairs and got the dog (who was remarkably quiet) inside. Then they got their cameras out.

The bear worked the moose down the driveway and finally killed it.

"She tore apart the chest cavity, ripped out the heart and ate it," Gary said. "It was like she knew that's what kept it alive."

Meanwhile, the digital cameras clicked – and rolled – as the entire incident was documented in both still and video footage. The video footage is now viewable on YouTube (type in "moose kill driveway" into the YouTube search bar.)

The video is in three parts:
Part the first
Part the second
Part the third

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