Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Clive: The scene is--"At the Butcher's". Okay, at the butcher's.
Caroline: What have you got for me? Sunday rolls?
Steve: Well. I wouldn't normally suggest this, but some really, really nice sausages. We got really big ones, you could just have one. It's the same size as a joint of beef.
Caroline: *gasp*
Steve: Except it's a sausage.
Caroline: I'd love to have a look at a great big sausage like that.
Steve: Want me to slap it on the counter for you?
Caroline: Do you know, I wish you would?
[tender music plays]
Caroline: That's the most beautiful sausage I've ever seen.
Steve: This sausage was passed down by my father. And his father's father before him. Dunno what happened to the one in the middle.
Caroline: Oh! It's wonderful. I love it.
Steve: Maybe you should cherish that sausage.
Caroline: When I eat it I'll... I'll think of you.
Steve: Would you like some dripping to go with that?
Caroline: Don't worry, I'm doing me own.


Caroline: That'll never go out, will it?

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