Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Funny Thing Happened at Dinner Tonight....

At the dining hall in which I usually partake of comestibles, there is a carousel for putting our trays, laden with our dishes and utensils, before we leave. For what I imagine to be aesthetic reasons, this contraption is hidden behind a large wall, creating a tunnel one must pass through to surrender ones platter. In order to maintain an orderly procession through said tunnel, the powers that be have declared one portal as the entrance, and the other portal as the exit--one must not enter through the portal declared the exit, say them.
Yet no-one listens. So they have resorted to various measures, including: stationing a person at said portal, ensuring that none pass through in the incorrect direction; taping a sign with the words "Do Not Enter" on the wall adjacent the portal; and, most recently, taking a metal stand with pictures of road signs saying "DO NOT ENTER" and "WRONG WAY" in the midst of said portal. And the fools flout the sign. They pass directly by it as they break the commandments set thereon.

This shall not stand! declared I.

So when next I espied such a criminal displaying his contempt for the law and literacy, I ran up to him. Upon reaching his location I gripped the metal pole and brandished it at him, that he might not be able to feign ignorance of the rules. And then I began to swat him with the sign, shrieking the slogans printed thereon amidst my slanders directed towards his visage, ancestry, intelligence, and likely end in life.

Long story short, I am now barred from ever setting foot in that building.

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