Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Things y'all have absolutely no interest in.

This Saturday, I visited the Frazier Historical Arms Museum and spent two hours looking at guns, armor, and bladed weapons. Some of which are available in the gift shop. (Does anyone know Mr. Garrett's address? We could finally get him that cannon he wanted. Or at least a miniature replica.)
Honestly though, why is everything "miniature"? Miniature flail. Miniature mace. Miniature Guillotine. Miniature Peacemaker Pistol. Gah.
It's an interesting enough place if you're into weaponry--which, of course, I am--but it isn't exactly exhaustive. It covers mainly British and American weapons (well, a number of the medieval weapons are from all over Europe), but it doesn't look too much at other areas of the world. Scottish, Indian, Zulu and Native American arms are mentioned only in relation to British Imperialism; and there's one case of Chinese bladed weapons stuck randomly in one of the rooms. You'd think if they were so gung-ho about really educating people about the history of arms, they'd spend a bit more attention to the country that actually developed gunpowder in the first place.

The next day I came back to Purdue, where I finally got Debora's letter, which is indeed a joyous occasion. It's not every day one receives correspondence from their friends (except for those of you for whom such is an everyday occurrence, in which case I hate you).

I also found out that the first season of Gargoyles is out on DVD. Joy! Let's hope Eisner has brains enough to release the second season out, too!
And there's also this.

-Sweetness Porath Slim

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