Thursday, March 13, 2008

How dare gays think they're a minority!

So protests Bishop Joseph Devine:
Gay rights activists hit back yesterday after a Catholic bishop challenged the homosexual community's attendance at the annual Holocaust memorial service.

The Rt Rev Joseph Devine, Bishop of Motherwell and president of the Catholic Education Commission, said in a lecture that the gay lobby went to the memorial to present the "image of a group of people under persecution".

He also pointed out that actor Sir Ian McKellen was given a New Year's honour for services to gay rights, whereas Oscar Wilde was locked up only a century ago for homosexual acts.

Yeah. I mean, sure, gays aren't afforded the same rights as straights, and you've got people who insist that they can't be allowed to adopt, or even be allowed near children. You've got people who compare gays to cancer and terrorists. You've got people who kill people because they're gay or because they're thought to be gay. You've got countries where people can be executed for being gay, and those people have to try to flee the country. And it wasn't even five years ago that the U.S. stopped throwing gays in jail "for homosexual acts", much less a full century.

But Britain doesn't throw gays in jail anymore!

Well, yes. That's progress--but that doesn't mean they're not persecuted.
Bishop Devine said: "The homosexual lobby has been extremely effective in aligning itself with minority groups. It is ever-present at the service each year for the Holocaust memorial, as if to create for themselves the image of a group of people under persecution. We neglect the gay movement at our peril.

How dare the gay population align itself with minority groups! Everyone knows that gays are a majority of the population. (Maybe that's just among the repressed homophobes that Bishop Devine fraternizes with?)

And yes, damn the "homosexual lobby" for showing up at the Holocaust memorial, sucking up sympathy like a vampire! They're just taking sympathy away from real victims of the Holocaust, like the gays:
Calum Irving, director of the gay rights group Stonewall Scotland, said yesterday that lesbian and gay people were among groups targeted by the Nazis for extermination - together with Jews, communists and gypsies.

He said: "It is a shameful disgrace anyone should try to deny that, especially a man supposedly of the Christian faith. A lot of his remarks are unchristian and out of step with a great swathe of Christian people throughout Scotland. As for Oscar Wilde - is he saying gay people should be thrown in jail now as they were a century ago?"

According to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, approximately 100,000 men were arrested as homosexuals by the Third Reich between 1933 and 1945.

Estimates of the number of homosexuals who died in internment camps range upwards from 10,000. Nazi doctors also experimented with medical procedures, including castration and hormone injections, in bogus efforts to "cure" homosexuals.

A Catholic Church spokesman said: "The Bishop was accusing the gays of today of trying to adopt the mantle of victimhood of those who were persecuted by the Nazis."

The nerve of those people to remember that gays were persecuted by the Nazis! Isn't it enough for them that we don't throw them in jail for having sex? What more do they want!?

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