Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Defending our freedom to deny freedom to others!

That's what tickles me about Confederacy defenders like "haystack" there.
The Confederate flag might have flown over some dark days of this republic, but that's not to suggest that the ideals of the Confederacy, beyond the darkness of slavery, should be lost in the translation. That flag flew to represent an America that stood up for a people and a belief that a Federal Government had no place in deciding the business of the States' right to determine their futures.

That is, they defend the Confederacy as a group of people fighting to defend their autonomy, their freedom from outside interference, their "right to determine their futures" as this guy puts it... and completely gloss over, or dismiss as not so bad, the fact that the Confederacy was robbing tens of millions of people of their autonomy, freedom from outside interference, and right to determine their futures.

'Cause after all, only white Southerners have the "right to determine their futures". Black Southerners, not so much.

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