Monday, November 12, 2007

More on whacko Ron Paul

In the comments at Orcinus, Trefayne compiled a lengthy list of bills that Ron Paul sponsored during his career in Congress, and Dave turned it into a post all its own. Some highlights: multiple bills that would define human life as beginning at conception; bills to outlaw flag-burning; attempts to repeal worker-safety and minimum wage laws; "a bill to make all Iranian Students in the United States ineligible for any form of federal aid"; several bills expressing that the United States would have no part with the International Criminal Court; and more.

It's worth looking at--it should show that a lot of what I have him recorded as saying he tried to back up with legislative action. And if he became president, he'd probably continue in his pursuit of his insane policies.

phenry also has some more on Ron Paul's record on the issues.

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