Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Irony is lost on these people

Some homophobic morons want to impeach the judge that overturned Iowa's gay marriage ban:
Bill Salier, a 2002 candidate for U.S. Senate, says Polk County Judge Robert Hanson violated the state constitution by legalizing gay marriage. Salier is a founder of the group Everyday America.

In a statement, the organization says Iowans must stop officials from overstepping the constitution to change society as they see fit.

Um... let's see. Since the gay marriage ban was found unconstitutional, it must have been the people who enacted that statute in the first place who overstepped the constitution, not the judge. And clearly they were trying to change society as they saw fit by trying to legislate the gay away. So realistically, Salier is saying that Iowans should stop him from trying to pass homophobic legislation. I can get behind that!

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