Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Dead Racist Blogging: "That's unpossible!" Edition

Sorry folks, this one's not a dead racist. It's Henry Kissinger:
After the Biafran rebellion collapsed in January 1970, [National Security Council staff member Roger] Morris briefed Kissinger on the prospect for continued bloodshed between the victorious Nigerian troops and the defeated Ibos of Biafra. Morris explained, in response to Kissinger's question, that the Ibos of Biafra were more Negroid in appearance and the Nigerians tended to be more Semitic. Kissinger was visibly surprised and confused. "But you have always told me the Ibos were more gifted and accomplished than the others. What do you mean 'more Negroid'?"

--Seymour Hersh, "The United States President Who Liked to Call Blacks 'Jigaboos'", Journal of Blacks in Higher Education 23, Spring 1999, p. 139

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