Sunday, April 15, 2007

Somebody's confused, and I don't think it's the children of gay couples

Colorado is about to pass a bill that will allow gay couples to jointly adopt children, or for one partner to adopt the other's children. It passed the Senate and is expected to be signed Governor Ritter. Naturally, there are those opposed.
Dan Gardinier, a pastor with Wellington Community Church, however, disagreed that the bill was in the best interest of children.

"What's best for children is to have a biological mother and a biological father," he said.

Typical drivel contradicted by every study done.
Children raised by same-sex couples are more likely to be confused about their own sexual identities, he said.

Translation: they're more likely to shuck the culturally-created gender roles that people expect them to follow. Why this is a bad thing is anyone's guess.
"If a person cannot answer the question of how a little girl is different from a little boy, it leaves children confused about sexual identity," Gardinier said.

Wait, what?

Is he seriously trying to say that gay people know absolutely nothing about the opposite sex? Perhaps he thinks they're too fixated on anal sex for their brains to focus on anything else. I suppose that this means we'll be taking all daughters away from single men and all sons away from single mothers too, right?


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