Friday, April 27, 2007

Hyperbole meets reality

Over at Feministe, there's a post that reproduces a comment from this blog post about a man who was put into the alien situation of having to decide whether or not to abort his and his wife's child.

This anonymous commenter wrote, in part:
I am strongly pro-life (of the baby). I would always choose the life of my child over my own life or anyone else's life, including my wife. Harsh? Think about it. What's more precious, an innocent life of a child who has their entire life ahead of them or a grown adult who has had a fair opportunity to live their life and have whatever experiences they have been blessed to have?

In your case there was no way to save the baby, they tried, they did everything they could but because of the dilation it was an inevitable loss and I'm terribly sorry for that. But I congratulate you on your efforts to do everything within your power to at least try to save your baby, even to the point of losing your wife. And I applaud you for hesitating as to whether or not to abort.

I am not against aborting if there is no possible alternative to saving the mother.. but if the child can be saved at the loss of the mother then I would choose the child. There is no logic to losing both, but it's a risk worth taking, to take it as far as you took it should happen in every case, in my opinion.
Emphasis mine.

At least in this case (and maybe some others) the slogan seems to be true: they simply care more for fetuses than they do for women.

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