Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday Dead Racist Blogging: Evolution II Edition

Since I managed to trick Professor Myers into putting me on his blogroll, today's Friday Dead Racist Blogging is about evolution! Sort of.

The Three Species of Man

The tap roots of our social, political and economic orders are buried deep in the oozes of antiquity. Any accurate comprehension of a present difficulty, and any hope or possibility of its valid solution, is augmented by an understanding of its origin and development. The vastness of the subject and the lack of time and space prevent but a very superficial treatment here. In so far as the ancient and remote past is concerned, we do partially know where we HAVE BEEN and from WHENCE WE HAVE COME. This should teach us something of how and why we are where we are today.

So, at some time in the distant past, we need not be concerned about the exact date, during the earth's eternal pilgrimage about our sun, the insurgence of vertebrates and mammals took place. Man was created last, and it was then that the origin of all our problems occurred. This creation, as detailed in "The Conquest," by Dr. Breasted, took place in the "Great Northwest Quadrant." This territory embraced "All of Europe, all of Africa north of the Sahara. Its eastern boundary extended to the Ural Mountains, which divide Europe and Asia, and a line parallel to the 60th Meridian east of Greenwich, extended from the Ural southward into the Indian Ocean. In addition, it includes the Near East, which embraces Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Persia and Arabia. This is the original home of the Great White Race, Homo Caucasius."

"On the east of and adjoining the Northwest Quadrant, in the secluded plateaus of high Asia, there arose and developed a man with straight and wiry hair, round head, almost beardless face, and a yellow skin, Homo Mongoloideus."

"South of the Northwest Quadrant, separated from the Great White Race by an impassable desert barrier and to the west by unconquered seas, lay the teeming black world of Africa, the home of Homo Africanus. Isolated to themselves, their evolutionary development was very homogeneous. They are wooly-haired, long-headed, dark-skinned Negroids."

Thus it is that at the dawn of history we find these three species of man all well started on their respective evolutionary roads. Although they started at approximately the same time, startling differences of development soon became irrefutably apparent. The popular concept of a superior race has no place in this treatise. The civilizations of Egypt, Babylon and Persia each made contributions to human knowledge, advancement and culture. The Age of Pericles, the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome, all produced for us knowledge and benefits without which today we would be much poorer.

Subsequent to the time of the advancement made by the Great White Race, the Mongolian trek had begun with Tamerlane and Genghis Khan. The Chow and Ming and Manchu dynasties of China came into being with their art, literature and high moral codes. Culture in the Orient was rapidly reaching adolescence.

To the north of the Roman Empire we find the Anglos, the Britains, the Slavs, the Teutons and the Huns, also on an evolutionary march. Although quasi-barbaric and largely military in organization, they developed a well regulated, efficient form of government. In each instance race consciousness was a definite factor in this marvelous and complex evolutionary development.

All the while the negroid man, like the modern lizard, evolved not. While the two other species of man were in the violent throes of change and growth, the negro remained in a primitive status. Although both the other races of mankind had for some time tabooed it, cannibalism was an expected risk in the life of the negro of this period.

Why was it that the negro was unable and failed to evolve and develop? It is obvious that many rationalizations and explanations will be offered by minority group leaders and educators, but the fact remains that he did not evolve simply because of his inherent limitations. Water does not rise above its source, and the negro could not by his inherent qualities rise above his environment as had the other races. His inheritance was wanting. The potential did not exist. This is neither right nor wrong; it is simply a stubborn biological fact.

--Tom P. Brady, Black Monday: Segregation or Amalgamation...America Has Its Choice, 1955, pp. 1-2.

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