Thursday, December 7, 2006

...and the bad news.

Meanwhile, in Latvia, the human rights chairman defended his homophobia by saying that gays aren't a legitimate minority and don't deserve rights:
Janis Smits told a press conference this week that gay people are not a legitimate minority and should "recover normal sexual orientation."

The chairperson of Latvia’s Parliamentary Human Rights and Social Affairs Committee said: "The only thing I can do is call on these people to return from their sins, be healed by God and recover normal sexual orientation. I am consistent.

"I do not call for any activities against homosexual people. God loves all his creatures, also those who have sinned, and all the people need the grace and forgiveness of God," the Baltic News reports.

Sure, you don't call for any activities against gay people; you just don't believe they should be treated like real people.

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