Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Your crazy, paranoid Southern kook of the week:

In 1956 or 1960, at the latest, both of our major political parties will nominate a negro Vice-President. . . . [T]he Reds will "liquidate" the President and the country will have a negro President. . . . The Reds will convince the negro President that their armed forces will insure negro domination of the white race in the United States, under Stalin's "all races" law, if the negro will embrace [the Reds]. . . . The Reds will take us over without firing a shot. When that happens, the white man will be required to get a negro wife and the white woman, a negro husband, or be deported or executed.

--from From Demagogue to Dixiecrat: Horace Wilkinson and the Politics of Race, pg. 172

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