Tuesday, July 25, 2006

From the Chicago Defender, May 17, 1947:

Random House, which will publish Sinclair Lewis' startling new novel, "Kingsblood Royal," on May 23 tried to get a rise out of Senator Bilbo by sending him a copy of the book and asking for comment. Bilbo either didn't know the book tells of the problems of a white man who suddenly discovers he has Negro blood, or didn't care. His reply to the publishers was: "I appreciate very much the copy of 'Kingsblood Royal' by Sinclair Lewis that you were kind enough to mail me. I am sure I shall enjoy reading it."

To give you an idea of why I find this so amusing, Senator Bilbo was the author of a book called Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization, the full text of which is available on such web sites as The Church of True Israel and SolarGeneral.com, which is hosted by Stormfront.

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