Friday, October 21, 2005

I like it.

An immodest proposal:

Whenever the conversation gets down to brass tacks about gay marriage, the first thing out of opponents' mouths has been, "If we
allow that, then people are going to marry animals" -- and the exchange is over. Proponents just don't understand that statement!

Walk with me a bit, because I figured it out. Marriage, to a
right-winger, is about having one type of superior, all-knowing male
benevolence, assisted by a further higher power of masculine all-knowing benevolence, being joined until death to govern the actions of them both, especially over women.

Marriage, to a gay-rights activist, is about two human adults,
homosexual or heterosexual, being joined together in equality until death, for the further well-being of them both.

Some of you may disagree with this broad, blemishing brush that paints all people opposed to equality as misogynist overbearing pigs. And it's true that not all of them are that way--most of them are just idiots of the regular variety--but it certainly seems to be true of some of them.

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