Friday, August 5, 2005

It's just not natural!

Protogenes, though, is alarmed at the idea of an elder woman wooing a young man; he says that for a woman to become the pursuer - the active partner - is a sign of intemperance. Here Plutarch enters into the dialogue, stating that, while it's true that some women have sought to rule over their husbands, this was the fault of the husband; any man of character will be able to control and guide his wife. What is important is that both parties be able to procreate - and if they are also in love with each other, all the better.

At this point in the dialogue, the startling news arrives that the widow has kidnapped the young man in order to persuade him to marry her. Protogenes furiously asserts that the laws of nature have been overturned; soon women will be taking over the government.

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