Monday, July 11, 2005

According to a Media Matters for America transcription, Bill O'Reilly had the following to say after the London terrorist attacks:

The "Talking Points Memo" this evening is about sanitizing terror. ... Generally speaking, the European media is viciously anti-American when it comes to the war on terror. The garbage these people are throwing out to a largely clueless public is astounding. ... The anti-American press both here and in Europe is actually helping the terrorists by diminishing their threat. "Talking Points" urges you to begin holding people accountable for their position on the terror war. Walk away from media that excuses or sanitizes these brutal acts. USA is not the problem in this world. The terrorists are. And if you don't agree with that, you are helping killers like [Abu Musab] al-Zarqawi. Enough's enough. London should be the last straw.

Which is interesting, considering that whenever people show what the terrorists do on television--such as showing the bodies/coffins of American soldiers, or listing the names of the deceased--they're accused of helping the terrorists by trying to rousing public opinion against the war on terror by showing how much it actually costs us.

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