Saturday, June 4, 2005

Gene change alters sex orientation in fruit flies.

Research links fruit fly gene to sexuality.

Sounds like some fairly solid evidence that homosexuality is genetic in nature, right?

Well, apparently some people don't agree (this is the last in a series of letters).

I particularly like Mr. Hayward's rationale for dismissing the evidence:

Go buy some pheromones and see if you are capable of attracting anything other than bugs. If humans were ever largely responsive to pheromones, the effect was socialized into something meager eons ago.

The amazing subtlety and hidden nature of human sexuality (and the study thereof) is boiled down to "buy some pheromones and see what happens". What a brilliant scientist we have on our hands. Almost as brilliant as this engineer:

Kids, if you're wondering whether being gay really is something you're biologically "born with," here's a simple do-it-yourself science experiment to figure it out. Take one of the children's toys where you match a shape to a certain shaped hole cut in a box. Now, take either two of the cubes (that the shaped holes are cut in) or two of the shapes. Do they fit together in any way? I didn’t think so.

I wonder why?

So his entire logical basis for the myriad diversity of life and sexuality is... children's toys. How did he get into Purdue again?


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