Saturday, March 26, 2005

It depends on what your definition of "oppose" is....

Via, a Kansas news station, we get the headline Ministers Oppose Gay Marriage. While this is certainly true, the article is about ministers who oppose the ban on gay marriage--in other words, ministers who are supporting gay marriage:

Dozens of Kansas ministers want to make it clear that not all clergy in Kansas support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

More than 50 ministers have signed a letter to the public arguing the amendment violates basic religious principles of love and respect. They say if the amendment passes on April 5th, it would make the lives of thousands of Kansans more difficult.

The letter is posted on the Web site of Kansans for Fairness, a group that supports human rights. In the letter, the ministers say it's not the state government's role to codify one religious interpretation of the Bible or favor one religion over another.

Supporters of the amendment say the letter reflects only a small group of Kansas ministers.

Does this strike anyone else as odd?

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