Monday, February 7, 2005

What a mensch

From the Sydney Morning Herald, Farewell to the Rabbi of Tolerance:

Resurgent religious fundamentalism may have had a role in this rise of intolerance. "I've sometimes said that I think religion is a bad thing," he says, "and people look at me and they think: 'What's the matter with this religious leader? Is he off his rocker?' The answer is no. But what worries me very much is the use which is made of religion. There's a great paradox. You see there are some people who have just enough religion to hate others, but not enough religion to love others.

"And if you are so adamant that you have to impose your religion on me, then maybe I have a right to reciprocate and impose my religion on you."


Having politics and religion too closely linked is dangerous in any
country, Apple believes. "This does not mean to say that I'm
against religious people trying to bring spiritual and moral
insights into public life, but I think that it dirties religion to
turn it into a political platform. Politics has to consider the
wellbeing of the total community and it should not be subject to
manipulation by little religious groups."

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