Tuesday, January 4, 2005

I saw Kinsey today with my brother and step-father. It's a pretty good movie. Maybe not what I was expecting... but actually I don't think I was expecting anything. I was just seeing it to annoy the conservative nutters who were picketing it. And because I wanted to see a biopic about the man who came up with the Kinsey scale.

This coming Saturday we're planning on visiting the Frazier Historical Arms Museum. I mostly just want to look at shiny blades, but I also would enjoy widening my knowledge of medieval weaponry--melee and siege, if such is covered.

And as an aside, I went to a party this most recent Saturday (yes, sometimes I even surprise myself). During the course of said party, one individual asked who were still dating their girl/boyfriends from high school. I raised my hand, as I had neither throughout high school and continue to have neither. I was the only one raising my hand, so perhaps people were curious about this, or perhaps they simply found it incredible that I would claim to have a steady girl/boyfriend. They asked me if I indeed had a girlfriend, to which I shook my head. They then asked if I had a boyfriend, at which point I embarassedly looked away.

Later, a person who shall remain anonymous for the purposes of this sentence came up to me and asked if I really had a boyfriend.

I found this highly amusing.

And, since I have reason to believe said anonymous person reads this journal, I shall now pay the appropriate lip service to assuaging any fears that I am making fun of them or that I dislike them:
Ah love you, Effie.

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