Saturday, September 4, 2004

Random Duck quotes et al.

"And tonight I have a message for the people of Iraq: go home and die."Earlier this week, I was having a dream about... something related to death or the afterlife. I can't rightly recall.
But anyway, when I woke up there was this really bright light shining down on me, and my first thought was "Oh crap, I'm dead."
But it turned out to be the moon. So I went back to sleep.

"Duck is a terrorist! Behold Duck and his mighty arsenal of atoms, any number of which Duck might split at the slightest provocation!"
"Uh... Duck, are you all right?"
"!! Why you...! Just for that, Duck's gonna split some atoms right nOW! OH DEAR GOD, DUCK'S SPINE!

"Oh yeah? Well, Duck's written a book that's so holy you're not allowed to read it. In fact, Duck should be put to death for being blasphemous enough to write the thing!"

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