Thursday, September 30, 2004


On Wednesdays, I have a 3-hour lab at 7:30 in the morning. Ten minutes after that, I have the lecture for that same class. An hour after that, I have another class.
All in the same building.
So I spend upwards of six hours in the EE building on Wednesdays... joy.

Well, today I finished the lab two hours early. We had to implement a set of specific functions with the integrated circuits in our lab kit. But during the pre-lab in which I designed my circuit, I didn't have my kit with me... so I wasn't aware what chips were actually at my disposal. I made some conservative guesses and designed my circuit.
Turns out one of the chips I used three times, wasn't in the kit.
So I cheated.
I used one of the integrated circuits from one of my other classes.

But that's not the point of this update.
The point is, after I got out of the lab, I sat out in front of the classroom for my next class for about 90 minutes--which means I sat through the entire lecture before us. So that means I heard the teacher assign their homework at the beginning of class.
She told them, "Your homework is to engage in deviant behavior."
I think one of them should've walked out of class as their deviant behavior. But no-one did.

And! On the walk to the lab this morning (around 6:45, I guess), I saw a rabbit on one of the large grails outside some building. It reminded me of how our cats would sleep on top of the heat registers back at our old house. And it was kinda chilly today.

And I think I saw a squirrel bullying a chipmunk outside of my dorm on my way to dinner today. I chastised the squirrel, but he just gave me a look as if he was thinking "What, you want some of this?"

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