Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good job, England

The British government made some changes yesterday to their Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill which will improve gay rights in the country:
BRITAIN has forged landmark new rights for homosexual parents after the House of Commons unexpectedly threw out proposals that would have required fertility clinics to consider a child's "need for a father" before providing treatment.

The father's role will now be replaced by the "need for supportive parenting" and both partners recognised as parents on birth certificates when lesbian couples conceive with donated sperm, or gay men use surrogacy. At present, as in Australia, only the natural mother or father is automatically considered to be a parent when homosexual couples have fertility treatment.


Fertility clinics will now be banned from refusing lesbian or single women treatment if they cannot provide a male paternal model. This reason has often been used by clinics that choose to refuse treatment to lesbian or single women.

The article mentions how the vote was rather unexpected, and that the large margins by which it passed "surprised the Labour Government, which had been prepared for a big defeat on the issue."

Clearly my presence in the country had a profound impact on them.

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