Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Election results

So Clinton won Indiana, but only barely: 51%-49%. She got either three or four more delegates than Obama, depending on which source you ask. It was interesting to watch--the early results had Clinton in a rather commanding lead, 57-43 the first time I checked. But it kept dropping over time.

But Obama won North Carolina much more handily, 56%-42%, and got either eleven or sixteen more delegates than Clinton in that state.

All in all, a net gain for Obama.

Can't wait to see how the Clinton camp will try to spin this as a win for themselves.

And, of course, we had some 1.2 million people vote in the Democratic primary here in Indiana... nearly four times as many people as in 2004. Heck, that's nearly 300,000 more people than voted for Kerry in the November election. I think that's a good thing either way.

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