Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thank god that there's no more racism in the U.S.!

Otherwise we might have stories like this:
An Ohio man has been indicted on charges that he threatened to blow up the U.S. Supreme Court and attack black men, including a justice on the court, according to an indictment filed Wednesday.

David Tuason, 46, targeted black men known to affiliate with white women, well-known white women who had relationships with black men, and children of mixed-race parents, federal authorities said.


According to the indictment, Tuason sent a letter to the Supreme Court building in July 2003 in which he threatened to blow it up. The letter was addressed to an associate justice of the court referred to as "CT."

Tuason claimed "CT" would be "castrated, shot or set on fire...I want him killed."

The letter contained several racially charged remarks.

The indictment says letters were also sent to several Ohio sites, including the Kent State University women's basketball team, several Ohio high schools and the Severance Hall home of the Cleveland Orchestra.


The threats he's accused of are mostly alike, promising physical violence against black men associated with white women.

Tuason, of Pepper Pike, Ohio, was indicted on two counts of transmitting threatening interstate communications and six counts of mailing threatening communications.

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