Friday, April 11, 2008

Probably not an objective article, though

Aquinas College, a Catholic institution in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has cancelled a scheduled speech from John Corvino entitled "What's Morally Wrong With Homosexuality?" I just appreciated this paragraph:
The president of Aquinas says it's not appropriate for an advocate, of gay rights, tolerance and compassion to speak on campus.

Although this article on the same subject also had an interesting paragraph:
He said the Vatican is concerned about the lack of Catholic faculty at Catholic universities and about rampant "moral relativism" -- the belief that there is no objective right or wrong -- on campuses.

Well, there isn't any objective right or wrong--rights, ethics, morality, are all societally defined/created. But if there were objective right or wrong, I'm betting that discriminating against people based on a completely irrelevant facet of their existence, such as their skin color, the hand they prefer, or the sex (or sexes) to which they're attracted, would be in the "objectively wrong" category.

On the other hand, if you're a moral relativist who believes that things are wrong if--and solely because--some ineffable, lunatic deity says so, then it might count as "right".

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