Thursday, March 13, 2008


The Senate investigation of "prosperity gospel" churches has gotten an influential ally:
The Democratic chairman of the Senate Finance Committee has thrown his support behind an investigation of allegations of lavish spending and lax oversight at a half-dozen "prosperity gospel" Christian ministries.

The investigation into the ministries' private planes, oceanside mansions, board oversight and involvement in for-profit businesses has divided the broader evangelical community, with some worrying about the potential for stricter regulations on all religious nonprofits. Others praise it as an overdue check on a corner of the movement that preys on the vulnerable and thrives despite years of negative publicity.

Sen. Max Baucus of Montana joined with Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley in urging cooperation from four ministries. According to a statement from Grassley's office Wednesday, the four ministries have not responded to questions he posed in early November.


While Grassley has emphasized he is not interested in theology, [Kenneth] Copeland and [Creflo] Dollar in particular have questioned whether he is targeting the ministries' shared prosperity theology. That teaching says that God wants people to flourish financially and spiritually.

Funny how god wants people to flourish financially, but the only ones who he seems to reward with riches are the pastors of these churches and not their members....

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Anonymous said...

Why should we promote religion with a tax (exempt) subsidy?