Friday, March 7, 2008

McCain: Against prejudice, except that practiced against foreigners, atheists, Muslims, gays, etc.

Via Atrios, I get to read this article with some interesting statements from McCain.
"We've had a dignified campaign, and I repudiate any comments that are made, including Pastor Hagee's, if they are anti-Catholic or offensive to Catholics," McCain said.

"I sent two of my children to Catholic school. I categorically reject and repudiate any statement that was made that was anti-Catholic, both in intent and nature. I categorically reject it, and I repudiate it," McCain said.

"And we can't have that in this campaign," McCain said. "We're trying to unite the country. We're uniting the country, not dividing it."

A couple of things. One, it's good that McCain is taking a stance against Hagee's bizarre views (although really, what else was he going to say: "I hate those whining papists"?). Still, he's not really trying to distance himself from Hagee or his endorsement--nor, I think, will the media expect or force it of him, as they did with Obama and Farrakhan.

Second, I'm just snickering at the sentence, "I sent two of my children to Catholic school." What, you didn't have any Catholic friends you could parade around as proof that you're not a bigot? Mind you, I don't think McCain is bigoted against Catholics, I'm just laughing at his statement here.

Third, he's apparently echoing President Bush's campaign speeches now with his talk of "uniting the country, not dividing it." Perhaps he didn't get the memo that Bush has the lowest approval ratings ever, and reminding people of him isn't likely to help him?
He was responding to one critic in particular, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, who raised the issue in a Thursday conference call with reporters.

"She made the attack. I am responding by saying that I am against discrimination and anti-Semitism, anti-Catholic, anything racial, and I have proved that on the campaign trail," McCain said.

Have you?

Let's see. On the 2000 campaign trail you used an ethnic slur by referring to Vietnamese as "gooks". That's some racial bigotry there.

Back in May (he announced his candidacy for president in February 2007, so this is during his campaign), you reiterated your support for discriminating against gays and lesbians by keeping them out of the military. That's clear discrimination, although admittedly you didn't claim not to support discriminating against gays.

In September you announced that the Constitution declares the United States a Christian country, and that being Christian was "an important part of our qualifications to lead" as President. And when people got pissed, you "apologized" by repeating yourself. But no, that's not 'discrimination'!

And then there's what you are reported saying later in that article:
And he said that illegal immigration is a Judeo-Christian issue as well as a national security issue.

Yeah! Gotta keep the damn heathens out!

Of course, since the majority of Mexico is Catholic (89% according to Wikipedia), and you consider it a Judeo-Christian issue to keep them out of the country... well, might that repudiate your former statement?

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